In the event that your registration is unsuccessful, we understand your disappointment and aim to ensure a fair and transparent refund process. Here's our refund policy:


The Registration money of the unsuccessful applicants will be refunded without interest within 30 days after allotment through RTGS/NEFT/Cheque or by the concerned bank branch where the registration money is deposited by the applicant as per his/ her choice from amongst the bank branches listed in this brochure. In case the refund is made after a period of 30 days then the refund amount shall carry simple interest @ 4 % p.a. from the date of Allotment till date of refund cheque / advice.


The applicant, at any time before the allotment, can withdraw his application. In such an event, the registration money shall be refunded and No interest would be payable to the applicant. Non Processing free shall be forfeited.
Unless cancellation has taken place, the allottee can surrender the allotted plot in favour of Sui Generis Residency with the following conditions :-

If the surrender is made:

(a) After the allotment but before the due date of deposit of allotment money, then 50% of the registration money shall be forfeited and rest shall be refunded.

(b) After the due date of deposit of allotment money but before the execution of the buyer’s agreement then entire deposit(s) made in favour of the Sui Generis Residency, after deducting 10% of the total premium of plot shall be refunded without any interest.

(c) Where buyer’s agreement has be executed, then all the deposits made shall be forfeited and rest would be refunded after deducting 10% of total premium of plot.

The request for surrender should contain signature of the allottee/lessee. In case of the allottee/lessee is an incorporated company, such request should be supported by the certified copy of the Resolution of Board of Directors for making an application for surrender and authorising the signatory to such application to submit the application for surrender.
If buyer’s agreement has been executed, then the allottee shall have to execute an appropriate surrender deed and return all the original legal documents.

NOTE: - The date of surrender in above case shall be the date on which application is received at the Sui Generis’s office. No claim for surrender on the basis of postal receipt will be entertained. Certificate of posting is not valid.


In addition to the other specific clauses relating to cancellation Sui Generis as the case may be shall be free to exercise its rights of cancellation of allotment in the case of:

A. Allotment being obtained through misrepresentations/ suppression of material facts.

B. Any violation of directions issued or rules and regulations framed by Sui Generis or violation of the terms and conditions of the allotment.

C. Default of payment of installments on the part of the applicant allottee or for breach/violation of terms and conditions of registration allotment and / or non-deposit of registration money/allotment money/installments.
In the event of cancellation, under sub-clause (A) above, the entire deposits till the date of cancellation shall be forfeited and possession of the plot will be resumed by Sui Generis with structure thereon, if any, and the allotted will have no right to claim compensation thereof in the event of cancellation. Where the cancellation is made, under sub-clause (B) or (C) above, 20% of the total premium or the amount deposited upto the date of cancellation, whichever is the least, shall be forfeited and balance, if any, shall be refunded without any interest.


(i) Sui Generis reserves the right to make such decision/ alterations/ modification in the terms and conditions of registration / allotment / buyer’s agreement from time to time, as all may consider just or expedient.
(ii) In case of any clarification or interpretation regarding these terms and conditions the decision of the Company shall be final and binding on the applicant/ allottee.

For any questions or assistance regarding refunds, please reach out to our customer support team at (email/phone number]. Provide relevant details such as your registration/application ID.
Each refund request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We may require additional information or documentation to verify the claim.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring a smooth and satisfactory registration experience.